Monday, December 17, 2012

Productive Destruction

In a hot world of hard nocks let's not set locks on the x-box.
Human nature is as natural as danger. We set fire to cleanse and demolish to build afresh. It is within us to wreck but not to excess. Remember we are blessed with fire in our chest. It's needed to be whole, to ignite and refresh.
Yet this balance is sometimes left to forget. Life includes destruction and our muscles lend force to the unstoppable torque that each person represents. We hold within us stored energy of reciprocity, meeting the universe with equal forces. We are built to kill to eat and to protect our people. We are innately designed to understand the need of destruction. As a healer I feel the need to destroy. It's part of my instinctual pattern. It's part of the balance. Video games allow me the space to use my natural instincts in a safe way. Let kids play. There's dragons to slay. Let them wrestle and jestfully test their own strength. Let them understand the importance of the tensegrity in our stretch. We need to teach them that its ok to fight for what their hearts know to be rightous. Not to stand by idly and video tape monstrosities appearing more and more frequently within our kinespheres. We have a responsibility to stand up for each other, to use our might so that we can save one another. We can't confuse peace with passivity and apathy. There is a balance.
But we must take notice of these imbalances, take heed of the need to make change every day. Don't stop looking from every angle along the way. Don't stop creating smiles wherever possible. Hug a stranger. Don't snub the love of an unlikely savior. Don't pass by an opportunity to renew our community. Be a part of it all! It's your duty!